CJCDC believes that helping people learn about business; how to start one and how to manage it is a great way to help the community develop. We will provide workshops on business, franchising, financing, and grant writing. We will provide coaches who will help educate, train and guide people who have an interest in starting their own business.

Business Entrepreneurship
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Kingdom Building Entrepreneurship Program


Mission Statement


CJ Community Development Corporation, Inc. (CJCDC) sits in the heart of Newark, New Jersey, where drugs, crime and violence plague our communities and hinders the ability to effectively build a kingdom of peace, love and prosperity. Our families are in danger and are in need of spiritual intervention. In being cognizant of the financial challenges our congregation face on a day-to-day basis, it is absolutely imperative to provide opportunities for those seeking financial freedom. It is our obligation and we must respond based on proven Kingdom Building Principles.


CJCDC is more concerned with building up the people in the community, rather than building a physical building. With the growth of the people, growth of a physical building is inevitable. Therefore, CJCDC’s Kingdom Building Entrepreneurship Program will provide small business loans, training, and support to selected candidates who complete an application and meet the following criteria:


1. Must be a Newark, NJ resident living below poverty line.

2. Must be willing to volunteer for CJCDC.

3. Must be willing to be coached.


With almost 30% of Newark residents living below the poverty line, CJCDC’s Kingdom Building Entrepreneurship Program will target areas with the lowest socioeconomic status, by scheduling visits, mass mailings, flyer/pamphlet distribution, increasing the program's social media presence and making telephone connections with:


-Local government assistance offices

-Local parole offices

-Local GED/Continuing Education Programs

-Newark, NJ's Department of Labor

-Newark Public Library (Hold information sessions at community centers and local Newark libraries)


It is through the empowerment of our CEO & President Pastor J., that we make an attempt to first gain the trust of the community, through implementing a sound financial plan, that answer their cries for liberation. It is through the empowerment of each other that we walk with faith into these poverty stricken communities, in an effort to repair broken families, one business opportunity at a time. The cries for financial freedom and liberation are louder than it's ever been.


Let's answer the call to action through empowering others to acquire the financial stability needed to feed their families at night, to keep roofs over their heads, to cover unforeseen expenses in emergencies, to be compensated at the level of their fullest potential, to provide alternate options when traditional options have disqualified them as viable candidates, to make financial bondage one less burden on the people in the community.


Let the church and the community rise together through the upbringing of the congregation and community. We at CJCDC understand that a kingdom is only as good as the community it sits within and the level of resources it can provide to its congregation and community. Join CJCDC in making a positive financial impact in the Newark community.